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What is a premium ad?

Elevate Your Visibility with Premium Ads

Placing a classified ad on our platform is free, but opting for a premium ad can significantly increase visibility and exposure for your listing. Here's everything you need to know about premium ads:

What is a Premium Ad?
A premium ad offers enhanced visibility and priority placement for your classified ad.

Why Place a Premium Ad?
Opting for a premium ad ensures that your classified ad stands out and reaches a broader audience, maximizing exposure for your listing.

How Much is a Premium Ad?
The cost of a premium ad starts at a minimum payment of $10 for 10 days at $1 per day for correctly categorized ads.  However, for service-related ads placed in non-service categories (e.g., Jobs, Housing, Items for sale), the daily rate varies depending on the category.   The minimum is $2.5 per day.  For the Jobs category, the minimum rate is $5 per day.. 

Where is My Ad Placed?
All premium ads are automatically placed in the corresponding category, city or region, province, and country where the ad is posted. This ensures maximum exposure to relevant audiences.

Important: Service Ads in Non-Service Categories
Service ads in non-service categories (e.g., Jobs, Housing, Items for Sale) must be placed as premium ads. The daily rate varies depending on the category.

How Premium Ads Work:
Premium ads are positioned at the top of the list, sorted by their daily rate. Paid advertisements take priority over free classified ads, ensuring maximum visibility.

This positioning is determined through a bidding process, where users bid higher amounts for better ranking. Ads with higher daily payments are ranked above those with lower payments, ensuring that users who pay more receive better visibility.

What do Premium Ads Look Like?
Premium ads appear with a "Sponsored" tag on the list page. The ad with the highest daily rate gets more space on the listing. It includes an increased image size and displays the first part of the ad description as well.  Otherwise they appear as a normal classified ad.

Placing a Premium Ad:
To place your ad on the premium list, go to the "My Ads" menu option at My Ads, select any ad, and then choose the "Premium" menu option. From there, select the desired amount and number of days for publication. This will give your ad top priority and exposure.

Need Assistance?
If you have any questions or need assistance with placing a premium ad, feel free to contact us. Our team is here to help you maximize the visibility of your listing and achieve your advertising goals.

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